enter image description hereIC Component

What is the using purpose of this chip?

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    I think that says M5P not MSP - in which case it's IC5 - the LM358D op-amp used to control the USB power FET. – Majenko Jul 26 at 22:51

There is only one 8-pin SMD IC on the top side of the Arduino Mega 2560.

Arduino Mega 2560

From the schematic it appears to be the "LMV358IDGKR" a TI dual op-amp used for two separate functions on the Mega.

  • Selecting power source - VIN vs USB.
  • Illuminating the built-in "L" LED (on D13) without loading PB7
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    I solved my problem with your help – vrdevfr Jul 27 at 19:10

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