How do I wire an L293D motor controller chip to a nodeMCU?
I have tried to follow the instructions from this tutorial: lastminuteengineers.com

One problem. I don't have a 5v pin? Are there any alternative ways to wire this?

All of the other tutorials i see, only say to use a special other motor driver board with an L293D embedded in it, and with extras connected to the board.

  • why would you need a 5 V pin? ... you can't power the L293D from the nodeMCU anyway – jsotola Jul 19 at 1:23
  • Yeah. can you wire Vcc1 and Gnd (pin 5) (L293D Breakout) on the L293D to an external source, and not the NodeMCU? – X Builder Jul 19 at 3:01

I figured it out. I am putting a logic level converter On the 3v pin to step it up to 5v

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