Actually I need to make HTTPS post request using SIM7000 and ESP32 but the available libraries don't have a function for HTTPS post request, I wanna make this request using AT Commands. I need a example code to send AT Commands to sim7000e using esp32 hardware serial or software serial whichever is the best.

I am using the botlectics library but it has function only for HTTP GET/POST not HTTPS. I am looking for HTTPS request using Sim7000. As there is no function for HTTPS in botletics I thought of sending AT Commands using hardware serial from esp32 to SIM7000 . For example,

HardwareSerial mySerial(1) ,


And I have connected SIM7000 TX RX with esp32 GPIO 13,12.

then I send AT commands like


And I connect FTDI to UOR AND UOT of esp32 which makes Serial.... So no anything done with Serial is with esp32 and writing to mySerial means Sim7000.

I have done this before but with arduino and GSM module through Software Serial and it worked fine.

I think I am missing something in case of ESP32 and Sim7000. In which I need help.

  • You mean you have already done a HTTPS POST on the Sim7000 using an Arduino? Sound like that to me. The AT commands are the same, irrelevant, if they are sent by an Arduino or an ESP – chrisl Jul 18 '20 at 14:04
  • See there's a difference between http post request and https post request right. I used botletics Adaruitfona library for Sim7000 and it has a function for HTTP post request but not the HTTPS post request. Now I wanna make HTTPS post request with AT commands because there's no function in that library I stated above. I am new to this world and I am facing issues sending AT Commands to SIM7000 from esp32. It was fine when I used software serial for GSM module and arduino but I am not able to do it with esp32 and sim7000. Regarding this I need help. – Vansh Sethi Jul 18 '20 at 14:41

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