I want to control 2 independent processes with 2 PID controllers. Is it possible to run each controller on a separate core? I'm using this PID library. According to its documentation, the PID::Compute() function should be called once every loop(). How can this be achieved when using RTOS tasks (for multi core execution)?

  • why not put both PID::Compute() and PID2::Compute() in loop()? it still will be called once per instance – Juraj Jul 2 at 13:35
  • No that would work but the PID computation algorithm will only run on a single core and that's not what I want to achieve. – glamis Jul 2 at 14:09
  • still one core runs WiFi – Juraj Jul 2 at 16:14

Sure. The existing Arduino setup and loop are just executed in their own task:

void loopTask(void *pvParameters)
    for(;;) {

extern "C" void app_main()
    loopTaskWDTEnabled = false;
    xTaskCreateUniversal(loopTask, "loopTask", 8192, NULL, 1, &loopTaskHandle, CONFIG_ARDUINO_RUNNING_CORE);

So there's no reason not to replicate that to give yourself an entire new setup and loop, or just a single function that does it all if you prefer.

TaskHandle_t secondPidTaskHandle;

void secondPidLoop() {
    // setup code here
    for (;;) {
        // PID loop code here

void setup() {
    xTaskCreateUniversal(secondPidLoop, "secondPidLoop", 8192, NULL, 1, &secondPidTaskHandle, 0);

void loop() {
    // First PID code

The last parameter to xTaskCreateUniversal() is the core to execute on. The default setup/loop runs on core 1:


So just use 0 and it'll run it on core 0.

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