I would like to generate vibration patterns using the MPU-6050.

So if a 10p coin was dropped on a table from 1m at a 90 degree angle then I would expect the second time it dropped to make the same vibration pattern.

When I capture the movement in sensors (x,y,z), send to serial, and go into plotter mode (CTRL+SHIFT+l) I can see distinct patterns for each type of coin.

I would like to store a pattern for each type of coin drop (5p,2p, etc) dropped from exactly the same position and then use the Arduino to constantly monitor until it recognizes the next coin.

Now I could: Use a mic, capture the sample, and use audio fingerprinting on much more powerful platform using some kind of AI.

However, I was hoping that a simple vibration could be sampled and recognised by the Arduino. Are there any libraries that could help achieve this?

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    I don't think, that there are any libraries for this, because the way, that you need to interpret the samples, is very unique to your specific case. You will have to do it yourself. Please show us images of the patterns, that you get from the MPU – chrisl Jun 19 at 17:54
  • ...and please show us the sketch you're using. – VE7JRO Jun 19 at 19:10

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