Can i use pin RX TX on Arduino Uno as reguler pin ? . For input and output pin , because two digital pin on my board doesn’t work . Thank’s

  • can you be a bit more specific? do you mean pins 0 and 1? What can't digital pin 2 do? – Michele Cioccarelli Jun 17 at 18:30

Yes, you can use those pins like regular digital pins on the Uno. They are numbered 0 and 1. That is... provided you do not try to use Serial.

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    and the component wired to this pins can interfere with sketch upload. and if one of this two stops working then no serial upload will be possible. – Juraj Jun 17 at 19:08
  • Oke , thank’s u so much – Hernanda Wedhar Bagaskoro Jun 18 at 0:30

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