Need a specific sensor that will detect when a pet comes close in a range of distance. As it comes close a beep intimates that the pet has reached. What sensor will work here. Can it work with an Arduino. ?

cat has a habit of going down 2 floors to poop. Problem is when she comes back the door is closed and neighbours don't like it. So a system by which moment she comes within a certain distance of a gadget it then beeps. May be a product already in market. Or if need be to put things together to work. Bell is a good idea but won't be loud.

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    a collar with a small bell should work – jsotola Jun 15 at 18:06
  • @jsotola following jsotola's answer, if you want an Arduino involved, use a microphone that detects the small bell and react upon it (with an alarm, LED or other audible or visible output). – Michel Keijzers Jun 15 at 18:09
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    actually, the question has nothing to do with the arduino .... the sensor could be attached to any microcontroller, so the question is off topic ..... asking if a specific sensor would work with the arduino would be on topic – jsotola Jun 15 at 18:29
  • close range is relative. How close should the pet be to the sensor? Few cm? m? Same room? – chrisl Jun 15 at 19:02
  • what type of an animal is the pet? – jsotola Jun 15 at 19:26

Off topic for Arduino, but you could put a collar with an Apple iBeacon on your pet and implement an iOS app that would wake up and display a local notification (optionally including a sound) when your pet comes near.

You could probably do something similar using BLE, but Apple's iBeacon has the concept of geofences based on proximity to one of their iBeacons, including distance ranges from "immediate" (about a meter) to far (30+ meters, if memory serves). That's actually somewhat tricky to do using vanilla BLE.

I think in order for this to be practical you will need to put some sort of transmitter on your pet. The RFID chips that vets put into pets require that the sensor be within a few mm of the chip, so that probably wouldn't work. (From what I've seen you have to wave a wand directly over the chip on the pet's skin in order for it to be detected.) There are other RFID technologies that should work. I found this link from a Google search, for example:


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