I am running my Arduino based from the ATMEGA328P-PU chip from a 4v battery with this setup:

enter image description here

Everything works great and now I will like to make my project permanent building a custom PCB from easyeda.com. Anyways this question is not about how to create the custom PCB I have already made one and it works great. This is the PCB that I created:

enter image description here

Because I liked it so much now I want to build it even better. For example now I will like to combine the crystal with the 22pf ceramic capacitors into one small part.


Can I use ----THIS---- part instead of the basic 22pf capacitor and the big 16Mhz crystal? In other words I want to replace the left picture with the right picture:

enter image description here

If its possible to use part 7325-1600A2210-00 then where can I find information on what pins to connect to the atmega328 chip and what pins to connect to ground? 7325-1600A2210-00 has 4 pins. To me it makes sense to connect 2 of the pins to pins 9 and 10 and the other 2 pins to ground. Will this work?

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Can I use ----THIS---- part instead of the basic 22pf capacitor and the big 16Mhz crystal?

No. That is just a crystal. You still need the capacitors. If you want a single device then you need a ceramic resonator.

Also you're lacking any decoupling capacitors in your circuit. You may find it works for now, but it will become flaky when you start getting it to do things.

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