I am trying to create a bluetooth adapter which allows me to connect my keyboard + mouse via bluetooth and act as an HID device on my computer via USB. I want to be able to switch between operating systems, and use grub without having to use a wired keyboard (similar to the logitech unifying adapter)


Keyboard/mouse --BT--> Audrino --USB/HID--> Computer

I dont know the name of this type of device to search, but I have looked into bt hid proxy and have run into a dead end.

I have heard you can make this with a Arduino pro (I currently have an uno)

  • if you have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse they should work with your computer. if the computer doesn't have bluetooth, buy a bluetooth dongle. if it is an USB keyboard and mouse the yow want k/m -> USB -> Arduino -> BT -> computer. – Juraj May 13 '20 at 16:12
  • @Juraj I understand that I can use any BT dongle, it simply wont work with grub or in the bios. Similarly, I have to re-pair every time I boot to linux/windows. Is my questions clear? If not let me know so I can make it more explicit. – Kevin May 13 '20 at 16:36
  • ok. you can use an Arduino with native USB port supported by github.com/NicoHood/HID. this library can emulate boot keyboard/mouse. I have no experience with BT HID. I know that simple BL modules like the HC-05 work only as virtual com port. – Juraj May 13 '20 at 16:46
  • @Juraj Thank you for this. I will look into it. – Kevin May 13 '20 at 16:51
  • 1
    I googled. the HM-10 can't act as BL HID 'host'. But the esp32 can. So maybe your all in one board is the MKR 1010 with SAMD with native USB and the ESP32 for BT/BLE – Juraj May 13 '20 at 17:10

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