I'm trying to use the StackString-library which offers not to eat up RAM over time by re-assigning values to strings. I started from scratch and wrote a very basic democode which works. Then I added an assignment to a STackString-variable from a normal string or a function with return-value string See code below If I try to compile I get a compiler-error saying no matching function for call to 'Stack::StackString<50>::append(String&)'

here is the code

#include <StackString.hpp> 
using namespace Stack;  // it is very important to have this line of code. Otherwise the code won't compile

StackString<50> myString = StackString<50>("Hello, World!");

String NormalString = "1234Test";

void setup() 

  myString.prepend("Everybody say: ");

  myString.append(" How are you doing?");

  //myString = NormalString;


void loop() 
{ // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Do I have to do some typecasting? and if yes how does it look like? WHat I want to do is assigning a StackString a new value. This means the STackString is on the left side of the "=" assigning operator. I have tried different variants to no avail.

Could this be a problem of the special construction as a "namespace" ? No idea no clue

you find the STackString-library here: https://gitlab.com/arduino-libraries/stackstring

best regards


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    Are char arrays really so daunting that people go to this length to avoid them? Why struggle with this when you could just write a char array and be done with it?
    – Delta_G
    Sep 9 '20 at 23:06
  • You are writing this from a position of beeing an expert about arrays of char, c-strings etc. This does explain nothing to come nearer to the point of enough knowledge to use your preferred way of using "strings". So a much more productive comment would be to explain how it works. Not with a most short and elegant single line of code but with a thoroughly explained example with lots of comments or additional text.
    – StefanL38
    Sep 11 '20 at 4:03

StackString doesn't know what a String is. The append function only accepts a const char *, a const char or an int:

void append(const char* string);
void append(const char character);
void append(int number);

You can get a const char * from a String easily enough with .c_str(), so use that in the append:


There is also no simple assignment (or complete content replacement) with StackString - you have to "clear" the string first. So to replace the content with what is in NormalString you would:


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