I have 7 float variables.

float temperature, differential, calibration,hta,lta,hha,lha;

I want to store them all on the EEPROM memory, how do I calculate the addresses given that there type is float.



create a struct and store the struct

#include <EEPROM.h>

const int DATA_ADDR = 0;

struct MyData {
  float temperature, differential, calibration,hta,lta,hha,lha;

MyData data;

void setup() {
  data.temperature = 1.2;

  EEPROM.put(DATA_ADDR, data);

  EEPROM.get(DATA_ADDR, data);

void loop() {

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With the sizeof function:

int nrOfBytesOfTemperature = sizeof(temperature);

You can also use directly a type:

int nrOfBytesOfFloat = sizeof(float);
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