I am completely new to programming with Arduino so please bear with me if this seems stupid.

I am using an Arduino Uno R3. I have two sensors, a Soil Moisture sensor and an LDR Light Sensor. Both of them have one pin marked as A0 on them. So now, do I connect them both to A0 using a breadboard (Like how I am connecting multiple sensors' VCC to the 5V pin currently) OR do I use a different analog pin say A0 for one and A1 for the other? Will it make a difference?


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AO is not "Ay Zero", it's "Ay Oh", and stands for "Analog Output". It means it just sends a varying voltage. It really doesn't care where it's sent to, it just sends it.

It's up to you where you connect that output to. But suffice it to say it wants to be connected to an input that can read an analog signal. And the Arduino has 6 of them.

Which one you connect it to is entirely up to you - you just have to read from that analog input by using the right pin number in analogRead().


(https://i.stack.imgur.com/Rm3On.jpg) you can simply connect one in the A0 and the other in the A1 since all those pins can be used for the same function

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