Hello world (this is my first message in this forum).

I am quite a just-married-to-Arduino guy, I am very passionate about this platform that I kew since long time but never had the time to dedicate.

Now I have done several home projects that made me both feel happy and feel sooooo rookie... But hey, here I am trying more and more complex things.

I am trying to do something I haven't found information about: I have a 10" touch panel (I am not talking about a screen, just the touch surface) which is a capacitive 10 pin panel that communicates with I2C protocol (there are SCL and SDK pins). I have managed to scan the address and turns out it is in the #40.

However, other than that I do not have the knowledge to get the coordinates out of that panel. My question is: is there any library that can help me with that or will I need to code everything?

I am attaching some pictures of the panel and the pinout to have a clearer picture of what I am talking about.

I thank you all for your time reading my post, I hope some day I will be able to provide some answers rather than questioning!

Joan. touch pannel

panel pinout


  • Have you googled for a datasheet of that chip? – chrisl Apr 2 at 18:01
  • Where did you get that panel? Don't they provide any identification or information? A datasheet is necessary to do anything with the panel (at least, when you cannot sniff on a working communication with it, when it is connected to a working master device) – chrisl Apr 2 at 20:22
  • Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. I have googled it and found nothing really interesting. The user hcheung found an interesting library, but I have hit a rock with a part of the code I can't deal with (look below). The panel came to me by somebody that purchased it on ebay, so not really easy to get the source... I have found the manufacturer of the chip though: FocalTech – Joan Porquer Apr 3 at 17:56

There is a simple library that works for FT5xx6 display panel.

Other information available:

Application node - https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/datasheets/FT6x06_AN_public_ver0.1.3.pdf

Datasheet - https://www.newhavendisplay.com/appnotes/datasheets/touchpanel/FT5x26.pdf

In case those links might be no longer available in the future, a quick search on FocalTech FT5xx6 should give you the relevant information.

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  • Hi! Thank you so much for your help! I have started with the library and have come out with an issue when trying to compile. I am afraid I am very novice if I don't know where the problem is, but the error is in this line: FT5xx6 cmt = FT5xx6(CTP_INT); – Joan Porquer Apr 3 at 16:08
  • It seems that you are trying to create an instance of FT5xx6 class, the line FT5xx6 cmt = FT500x(CTP_INT); is simply incorrect. If you want to create an instance called cmd, it should be FT5xx6 cmd(CTP_INT);. – hcheung Apr 4 at 1:14
  • Hi, thanks again for your comment. I tried your suggestion and it shows the exact same error. Maybe there is something wrong in the libraries? I had to make the library file myself copying the text from the Github repository, maybe I did something wrong... – Joan Porquer Apr 4 at 8:09
  • Ah, I just realised that the github is not structured as a proper Arduino library that you could download and use it. You need to do it manually. 1) Go to your Libraries directory where your Arduino IDE located, create a directory called FT5xx6; 2) copy FT5006.cpp from the github and save it inside the directory you just created, do the same for FT5xx6.h; 3) create a new project from Arduino IDE, and copy the example code from capacitive_7in_panel.ino on github. It should works now. I just tried (compilation only, didn't run as I don't have a FT5xx6 module). Good luck. – hcheung Apr 4 at 9:54
  • Hi again. I believe that is what I did, however I couldn't copy the file, but copy the text and generate a plain text file as it is not downloadable. I did this from a MAC computer, I will try to do it with a PC... Is this how you did it? Or there should be a way I could download the files? – Joan Porquer Apr 4 at 18:52

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