I want to ask a question. I am using my project xbee pro s2c to get data from arduino(temp,pressure etc.) and i am sending data another xbee module and read these data from serial port. Question is that i want to use esp8266 instead of xbee. is it possible ? can i communicate 2 esp module like xbee ?

  • you would just need one ESP, which connects to both your wifi and the sensor. You could use 2 with ESP-NOW to get a non-wifi module communication going, but it's simpler to use wifi. You also likely don't even need an arduino; sensors can connect directly to the ESP. – dandavis Mar 31 '20 at 17:58

I want to ask a question.

You don't need to tell us.

Can i communicate 2 esp module like xbee ?

You can make two ESP8266 modules talk together, yes. It's not "simple" like an XBee, since you have a generic WiFi network interface, so there's many many different ways of doing it. Typically one would be running as a WiFi Access Point (SoftAP) and the other would connect to it. Then you'd run some "server" code on one module (typically the SoftAP one) and the other acts as a client and connects to it (or sends data to it).

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