I want to declare SCL and SCK pins like Wire.begin(sda_pin, scl_pin); to use with ESP8266 to integrate a MPU 9250/6500 sensor. I can't figure out a way to declare that in this code exaample provided by https://github.com/bolderflight/MPU9250

in the example of the above it has just passed as Wire to and created object like MPU9250 IMU(Wire,0x68); which was meant to be used with UNO boards(as I think)

And in any case if any of you have seen a library that can be used with the ESP8266 for the MPU 9250/6500 point me on that direction please (I'm trying to get the roll, pitch, yaw)

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You can use Wire.pins(sda, scl); before IMU.begin();. IMU.begin() then calls Wire.begin() without parameters.

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