enter image description here

i want plot real time analog input on OLED .

This code for arduino Uno ..

i tested on arduino uno and take perfect answer.

but i using OLED-Wemos D1 mini Shield board. and i want upload this code on Esp Wemos but see under error !!!!

---> Download code under picture and check it.

Error picture : enter image description here

get code file : Arduino_Uno_OLED.ino

Error txt :file.txt

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  • please post the error message as text, not a picture of text – jsotola Mar 7 at 18:32
  • Error-Text @jsotola – navid Mar 7 at 19:07
  • Please don't provide your code and your error message as external resources. I don't want to download your code, when you simply could show it directly in your question. Links might become invalid over time and without your code the question is useless for other with the same problem. Also don't put new information into the comments, but edit your question – chrisl Mar 7 at 19:32
  • OK, but I just wanted to mention the source. Now what's the problem with error? @chrisl – navid Mar 7 at 19:43
  • @navid, please remove the picture of the text and replace it with actual text, not a link to text – jsotola Mar 7 at 20:59

The code, that you copied, is made for the Arduino Nano. That is a totally different board with a totally different microcontroller. You cannot simply reuse code for a Nano on an ESP.

You need to completely rewrite the code with ESP code. This is the reason, why ports of code for different devices are very rare. You need to fully understand, what the original code does, and then search in the datasheet or in libraries for the new microcontroller to get the same functionality. And that for every part of the code. Doing this here is out of scope for this simple Q&A site.

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  • Thanks . I'll check the code performance and try to rebuild it for ESP wemos . @chrisl – navid Mar 7 at 20:59

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