I have an arduino uno and an accelerometer connected reading vibrations. I want to be able to send the serial data or serial plot wirelessly from the arduino to any program(recommendations will be considered) on the pc without using the USB port on the pc. Is it possible?

I have an arduino ethernet shield, bluetooth modules HC-05 and HC-10 all at hand if they will be helpful. please help, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • serial plot is just serial data .... google is your friend ... find a tutorial about the Arduino and HC-05 – jsotola Mar 4 at 5:48
  • so i gave the arduino an ip address through the ethernet shield and it is reading the data when i type in the ip address in my computer, now I just need a way how to plot this data and I think I need a database for that kind of work. Any suggestions on how to do this. – yeye2111 Mar 4 at 17:02
  • you want to collect data and then draw a chart it in a spreadsheet offline? with HC-05 you could draw realtime in the IDE Serial Plotter – Juraj Mar 4 at 17:25
  • yes i want to collect data and then draw it in a spreadsheet offline, realtime plotting would also be a great add on. – yeye2111 Mar 4 at 18:51
  • 1
    so which part should be wireless? the communication with the sensor or the communication with PC or both? – Juraj Mar 6 at 8:54

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