My arduino application wants multiple separate cards in multiple separate (nearby) locations to be readable at roughly the same time.

I am using a RDM6300 module, with a multiplexer to switch between antennas, and this is slow. (Power down, switch in an antenna, power up, wait long enough to be sure the card would answer if it was there, power down, switch in the next antenna and so on)

There's an RX pin labeled in addition to the TX pin on RDM6300 module, might it be possible to put these things into a mode where I could be queried on demand, with timing I can control?

Should I use another 125kHz RFID reader to accomplish a faster read? ID-3LA Reader seems to be a better choice. Did anyone use it in a similar case? Can I use ID-3LA Reader without power down/up when the tags are already available in locations?

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