So I'm having a little bit of difficulty here in my NEO-6M. The problem is it doesn't show any data in my serial monitor. My NEO-6M Led is already blinking so its already ok.

RX -> Pin3 , TX -> Pin4 , VCC -> 3.3v , GND -> GND

Serial Monitor: enter image description here

Code: https://github.com/mikalhart/TinyGPSPlus/blob/master/examples/FullExample/FullExample.ino

  • Have you crossed the serial lines? Arduino RX to GPS TX, Arduino TX to GPS RX – chrisl Feb 23 at 9:03
  • I have but I already fix it, does it broke my neo? – TechHermit Feb 23 at 9:57
  • What do you mean? The lines need to be crossed. And having them not crossed most likely doesn't break it – chrisl Feb 23 at 10:18
  • Iv'e updated it now. @chrisl – TechHermit Feb 23 at 16:15

I found a solution to my problem. On my first setup, I separate my GND of NEO-6M to Arduino and put connect it in breadboard that has powerboard on it because I thought it is only for electrical purposes but it doesn't since I encounter it.


The GND of every module must still connect on the Arduino.

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