I have a Lolin Wemos D1 R2 and mini version of ESP8266 and an Arduino UNO.

I have connected the pin described as Rx in Arduino to the pin described as Tx in ESP8266 and the same for pin described as Tx pin.

I have powered both boards from USB ports in the PC separately.

The arduino sends data... Esp8266 recieves them fine.. Esp sends data and arduino receives correctly.

But arduino also continually prints nos.(i.e executes blocks which are to be executed for when data is recieved) between 0 - 255 every time arduino was sending data to esp(when Tx pin of Esp8266 was connected to Rx pin of Arduino I was getting 16 bytes with all the values either 255/254 (meaning HIGH!?) , when I disconnected that pin, i.e just let the arduino transmit, i was getting two bytes with value as 0 )

Oh.. I forgot to add, ESP randomly disconnects and connects again regularly... Is it normal..?

Should I connect any resistors... I read abt floating values and pullup resistors just couldn't understand them clearly.. any help would be appreciated!!!

Or is the board faulty... rt now I have no way of checking this out because I don't have a spare board with me..!!!

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