Can an Arduino power a USB device like a tablet from one of it's pins or do I need a relay? I want to essentially have the Arduino turn on and off a USB charger. Thanks

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    USB is 5V, not 3.3V. Also, no. 40mA is nowhere near enough for a typical USB device. – Majenko Jan 28 at 23:25
  • do not use an arduino as a power supply – jsotola Jan 28 at 23:37
  • Any advice on how to do this then? Thanks – elektrobank Jan 28 at 23:55
  • use a mosfet instead of a relay; simpler, cheaper, lower power waste. google mosfet as a switch – dandavis Jan 29 at 0:10

If you already have a 5V source then you can use a MOSFET as a switch to turn on/off the power to the tablet like this: enter image description here

But if you want to turn on/off a USB charger that goes to an AC outlet, then you will need to control a relay to turn on/off the AC supply to the USB charger. You can use a relay module like this: https://www.amazon.com/Tolako-Arduino-Indicator-Channel-Official/dp/B00VRUAHLE

enter image description here

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