Been trying to figure out why my HC-06 Bluetooth module doesn't work with Arduino UNO.1st I tried the method where I didn't use resistors. The HC's light starts blinking for few seconds and then the light dissapears. Also used 1K and 2K resistors, same thing. Haven't uploaded any codes. HC's pins are connected to 5V, GND, TX(1) and RX(0). Powering Arduino via USB cable. Maybe the 5V damaged my module? I was dumb and removed the plastic thing around the module when I did get it, maybe module got damaged by that aswell. Followed this video youtube.com/watch?v=F6E5mP70jaw&t=1s. Doubt there are any errors in wiring. Do I need to upload some sort of code or do something in serial monitor to get this module to work?

  • what is a plastic thing? ... plastic bag? ... plastic fruit? – jsotola Jan 8 '20 at 4:09
  • Those modules are often covered with a shrink-tube sleeve. – JRobert Jan 8 '20 at 18:21

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