First time ever working with Arduino UNO.

I'm trying to power my RGB LED strip (addressable 5050+WS2812 RGB 5V IP20) via a Power bank (2x USB-A. One port's max 12 V DC - 1.2A, 9 V DC - 1.6A, 5.1 V DC - 2.4A). Using a USB cable (5 pins), cut the wire, got 2 wires (white and red), connected them to the LED strip). I have the data wire connected to the Arduino's port ~6, from the LED strip: GND is connected to Arduino's GND, red wire is connected to Arduino's 5V. After connecting Arduino UNO to PC and testing the LED strip out with a NeoPixel command example, nothing happened. Just some lights flashed on the Arduino. Currently just testing out and trying to light up 7 LED's (0.42A + Arduino). Not sure why it's not working. Do I need to use some sort of capacitor and resistors? Pretty confident the wiring is done correctly.

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