I am a noob in the Arduino world and have only started reading about it. I have zero experience with Arduino some suggestions to increase my level will also be highly appreciated. But I have a lot of ideas, I want to work on.

I want to measure the velocity and noise levels with the GPS coordinates of a moving vehicle and send it to my phone using gsm or wifi. Should I include a small LCD also? again suggestions will be highly appreciated.


It depends.

If you are a beginner, do it in steps:

  • Get an Arduino Uno
  • Get a feeling for MCUs connecting a LED and resistor.
  • Connect the buzzer and get it working.
  • Disconnect it, connect the display and get it working.
  • Same for one sensor.
  • Than try multiple sensors.
  • Than play with the WIFI module.
  • Than combine everything.

The key is to split up your (for a beginner) big project into smaller easier to handle projects.

If you want to add an LCD, depends fully on YOUR requirements; we don't know exactly what you want. If you send all data via WIFI in principle the receiver can display it, but maybe you have a good reason to display it on a display.

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