I'm using HTTPClient.h for sending the image file that taken by ESP32-cam, but it sends just headers.

the important part of code :

 File fsUploadFile2 = SPIFFS.open("/picture.jgp", "r");
 HTTPClient http;
 http.begin(""); //Specify destination for HTTP request
 http.addHeader("_token_", "d47d3c85f89d4494a336660ab705c4b4"); //Specify content-type header
 http.addHeader("_token_issuer_", "1");
 http.addHeader("content-type", "multipart/form-data; boundary=---011000010111000001101001");
 int httpResponseCode = http.sendRequest("POST", &fsUploadFile2, fsUploadFile2.size()); //Send the actual POST request

        String response = http.getString();  //Get the response to the request

        Serial.println(httpResponseCode);   //Print return code
        Serial.println(response);           //Print request answer


        Serial.print("Error on sending POST: ");


and i just get headers and undefined file in server. is there any correct way to post file in esp32 cam ?

also, i want to use cURL in Arduino ide but i get "no curl/curl.h".

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