So i have this old 5.1 prologic thing sony hcd-451. is it possible to encode an audio stream to prologic send it to the esp and digital out it to my device?

Grabbing the audio stream encoding and sendng it i probably can do in python. but i have no idea where to start on the esp bit. I dont know how to do the grab packets put in buffer while outputing buffer to Digital pin.

i have a esp8266MOD on a NODEMCUv3 board laying around. would be nice if i could use that. Where the prologic stereo is i have wlan and ethernet avaliable.

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    several things: 1. prologic is is not 5.1. 2. prologic doesn't use digital connections, except as a piggyback on a stereo signal that happens to be digital, very unlike, say discrete DTS or DD. 3. the ESP has nowhere near the CPU to be able to process multiple digital audio channels at once; it can't really even do one. 4. the ESP's data input speed over wifi is not enough for such digital audio; you can't push in fast enough, nor pull out fast enough. – dandavis Oct 31 at 17:31

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