i want to make a gimbal using an arduino and im having trouble finding how to control brushless gimbal motors with arduino as they all go into a BGC

ive found a BGMC https://rovertec.com/products/bgmc2?variant=12235256758390 and its the only one i can find. (can this fit any brushless motor the one im looking at is http://rctimer.com/?product-870.html)

will these work together?

and finally how would i go about coding PWM as i dont know much about how PWM will work if its not a servo im assuming i map it using code like below to be able to put it between 1-2ms:

map(val, 0, 1023, 1000, 2000); 

after mapping is 2000 max speed clockwise and 1000 max speed anticlockwise?

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