I have 300 LEDs (WS2812b) which form an interactive tabletop of a coffee table. Everything is running on an Arduino Mega.
For testing, I'm running all of those from a power outlet and it works really great.

For the final product, I'd like to have it battery powered so that I'm still able to move the table around and also don't need any cables running to the table.

I'm really struggling to find a viable solution.

  • Reasonable runtime, let's say 2h min
  • Being swappable would be really nice
  • Single battery for easy swapping and charging
  • Each battery shouldn't cost too much

Since I do a lot of camera stuff, I'd love to use the NP-FXXX ecosystem. Is it possible to run the entire thing with a NP-F950?
I was also thinking about using the V-mount system, but they really cost a fortune.

I could probably also live with a non-swappable battery, but being forced to charge it on spot kinda kills the advantage of not having cables.

Do you know a solution which fits the requirements?
Thank you!

  • How much current are your LEDs drawing in total and average? Thats the key point. Lighting all of them up white full power would draw 18A – chrisl Oct 8 '19 at 9:26
  • Definitely want to look into efficient DC/DC converters to make 5V from whatever battery you select. NP-F950 is rated 7.2V @ 7800mAh, or 7.2 x 7.8 = 56.16VAH if you will. If that were 100% efficiently converted to 5V, then 56.16VAH/5V = 11.2AH, it would last maybe 35 minutes or so with 18A current draw. Power Out = Power In minus some efficiencies, so actual run time will be less. Find a larger capacity battery if you want longer run time. And probably need to use several DC/DC converters, each covering some number of LEDs. Start with pololu.com, they have a lot of regulator choices. – CrossRoads Oct 8 '19 at 12:53

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