I am trying interact with a loadcell that is 3 wired. I am using arduino uno or nodemcu adafruit huzzah and sparkfund hx711 module.But i cant take scales. I only getting 0.0 grams and when i applied force to my loadcell nothing change.

I have 2 pcs loadcells one of them has green black and red cables other has white black and red. I measured resistance between wires for each loadsensor. Loadcell1(has green ) Green and Black difference 2Kohm. So they are E+,E-. I have 5x220 ohm series (1.1K) and series E+ and E- to Input-(A-) after all connect red cable to input +(A+). I cant reach proper scale values. I am only getting 0.0. Do you have any soluiton about that?

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    Unfortunately you gave a very vague description. The bug can be anywhere. Wrong connection, bug in code, faulty hardware. Can you provide us with a connection drawing and your simplified Arduino code? – Filip Franik Sep 26 '19 at 11:56
  • My code is the example code from library as "HX711_basic_example". I found it from libraries "example" folder. And my wiring : temelelektronik.info/ders/download/793385Halfbrige.jpg I checked my connection much times and code is simple library refference. If you want to check its code : paste.ubuntu.com/p/BvjpvFTvrk – Dogan Cignakli Sep 27 '19 at 7:41

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