I need to verify a fingerprint before being registered, but I have to put the finger 3 times on the finger sensor, which I prefer to do it just twice. The verification is ok, but I don't understand why I have to remove my finger to continue with the fingerprint's registration, which I do in the getFingerprintEnroll() method.

What I need is when I put the finger at the first time to being verified, it saves the fingerprint to register without remove the finger.

I have something like this in my loop:

id = readnumber();
// ...
while ((fprint = finger.getImage()) != FINGERPRINT_OK);
if (getFingerprintIDez() != -1) {
} else {
    while (!  getFingerprintEnroll() );

and I use this methods:

int getFingerprintIDez() {
    uint8_t p = fprint;
    if (p != FINGERPRINT_OK)  return -1;
    p = finger.image2Tz();
    if (p != FINGERPRINT_OK)  return -1;
    p = finger.fingerFastSearch();
    if (p != FINGERPRINT_OK)  return -1;
    return finger.fingerID; 

uint8_t getFingerprintEnroll() {
  int p = -1;
  while (p != FINGERPRINT_OK) {
    p = finger.getImage(); //here is a pause to remove the finger

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