Gentlemen, I am a novice C++ programmer, When I was trying to learn how to use EEPROM with Arduino, I came across this statement

i2c_eeprom_write_page(0x57, 0, (byte *)somedata, sizeof(somedata));

where I need to know what does (byte*) somedata mean?, please let me know if someone know the answer



  • external EEPROM?
    – Juraj
    Sep 7 '19 at 16:43

It means "Interpret this pointer as a pointer to byte data". It's called "Casting" and allows you to fool the compiler into thinking that one type of data is another.

For example, your function expects a byte * (a pointer to byte data), and if you have char * as your variable you can change it on the fly to byte * by casting it like that.


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