I’m doing a project where you have to detect a lightbulb coming on through the electrical current and was wondering what Hardware and what the program is? Can y’all help? Very much appreciated if y’all do.

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    What kind of Arduino will you be using? – VE7JRO Aug 29 at 22:07
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    What about a current sensor? The code depends on the sensor. Choose a fitting one and try to interface it with an Arduino. You can always come back with a specific question – chrisl Aug 29 at 22:37
  • I am using an Arduino uno – Chasney Griggry Aug 29 at 23:30
  • I never thought about a current sensor. Thank you very much – Chasney Griggry Aug 29 at 23:32
  • this part of the title is redundant and it turning on and off – jsotola Aug 30 at 1:12

A suitable piece of hardware would be a ACS712 Current Sensor which can be used with any Arduino which runs on 5 volts -for instance an Arduino Uno.

You may find this guide useful in writing the program.

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