I have had a 2.4” transparent OLED on my desk for a while now and think now I have a years more experience, I can attempt hooking this up to an Arduino again. My interest was sparked when I realised SparkFun was doing a transparent OLED again (memories from the 4d systems one). I have ordered one but I want something bigger, with more then 128x64 pixels, and preferably colour.

The information for the display I ordered is here: (it includes data sheets for the display and the driver.)

I have been using Arduinos for a while but have never really done my ‘own’ projects. They have always either been completely off a guide from the internet or bits of a few mashed together. My experience with programming is limited but I can understand others code and am competent in a few languages irrelevant to Arduino.

I think that I need to use Adafruit GFX library but again, I don’t have the skills to modify it enough so it will work with my display.

The OLED is 240x320, 2.4”, colour and has a DA8620 driver (8080 MPU but what does that mean?). There is a schematic that comes with the zip linked above which seems to take the displays FPC connector from the driver, to an 8 bit parallel interface. I have found some similar displays specifications wise but don’t have the same driver. Could I use that library or is that just not how it works (monochrome as well so probably useless). Maybe a tft library like the ili9486?

This has some more information and seems to claim that it can use SPI? I don’t know if that is misinformed or with a different schematic, SPI would be possible.

If anyone could help me figure out what library I need to use and if that schematic is right, that would be fantastic. Thanks

Schematic I keep referencing if you don’t want the zip: enter image description here

(As a note for anyone that found a thread by me last year on the Arduino forum, that was me with even less knowledge of this kind of thing so please excuse the lack of anything useful to say over there.)

Edit: https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?p=58422 Has some interesting information and I think could be helpful. He seems to be doing a similar thing

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