I want to create an arduino pro micro /MPU6050 air mouse that uses motion but NOT TILT, not using the gyro.

There are 2 examples on the net https://github.com/JoyDutta06/Air-Mouse https://www.hackster.io/movsensllc/diy-imu-based-smarttv-controller-mouse-with-arduino-micro-548353

Both examples, in the video, are using horizontal/vertical motions instead of tilt to move the mpu6050 and generate corresponding mouse movement. The wiring I have is exactly like the Joy Dutta configuration using SDA/SCL configuration. The code I am using is an exact copy of the code in either example. The hackster instance uses a IMU mpu 9250 + BMP280 but the configuration is the same and the code uses the libraries for the mpu6050. In both cases using a exact copy of the code in either example the mouse moves but ONLY with tilt and not horizontal/vertical motion.

What am I missing for motion not to work.
I have the exact hardware configuration and the exact code.

Anyone have a suggestion?


  • learn what the code does and how it works, then modify it to your liking – jsotola Jul 18 at 4:58

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