I'm wanting to send serial data from multiple Arduinos to a Raspberry Pi using the HC-06 module.

The connection will be delivering sensor data from the Arduino to the Pi for a smart home setup and it's important that the data make it to the Pi reliably (the piece I'm working on now is a door sensor for an alarm).

Assuming a connection can be made at all, does the Bluetooth protocol used between the HC-06 and the Raspberry Pi provide any guarantees of delivery?

Questions I'm having trouble finding answers to:

  1. Is the ordering of messages guaranteed?
  2. Is the integrity of messages guaranteed?
  3. Can messages be dropped? If so, under what conditions?
  4. Is there a reliable way Arduino side to tell when a Pi connects/disconnects?
  5. Are guarantees consistent across HC-06 vendors or do they vary depending on who I buy the module from?
  6. Are these the same guarantees the HC-05 has?

I'm wondering whether I should trust the protocol like I do with TCP/IP or if I need to build my own protocol on top of the SoftwareSerial.h package to ensure delivery of my data?

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