I am trying to connect a nodeMCU to arduino mega using serial communication so that i can read data from firebase.

I have put the following code on the NODEMCU.

#include<SoftwareSerial.h> //Included SoftwareSerial Library
//Started SoftwareSerial at RX and TX pin of ESP8266/NodeMCU
SoftwareSerial s(3,1);

void setup() {
  //Serial S Begin at 9600 Baud

void loop() {
  //Write '123' to Serial

And the following on the MEGA

int data; //Initialized variable to store recieved data

void setup() {
  //Serial Begin at 9600 Baud 

void loop() {
  data = Serial1.read(); //Read the serial data and store it

I have connected TX1(arduino) to RX(nodeMCU) and RX1(arduino) to TX(nodeMCU) yet when ever i upload the code it doesnt work until i press the reset button then some random numbers are passed over then eventually 123 comes accross. I am trying to do 2 way comunication but will worry about that when i finish this.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have spent the last 15 hours trying to solve this problem but to no avail. Cheers, Hamish

  • you did not say how you connected the two controllers together ... please list all wires and all pins – jsotola Jun 25 at 23:17
  • Why not use the standard Serial instead of SoftwareSerial? – Sim Son Jun 26 at 11:50
  • you use old esp8266 SoftwareSerial on hardware Serial pins of the esp8266. and you set the pins swapped in the SoftwareSerial constructor – Juraj Jun 27 at 9:33

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