I want to send this text "A=100, B=500, C=300" from the serial monitor to the Arduino

How can I Extract the Value of the Variable "A" which is 100 from the serial monitor and Assign it to the "A" Variable in the Arduino ? Same with the B and C ?


  • You could ignore all the formatting and only detect 'A', 'B', or 'C', then check if there is a '=' and then do atoi. For which arduino board is it? If the text has a specific format, then sscanf could be used. What if your receive "ABC=10" or with spaces "A = 100" or negative numbers "B=-10" or "A=001"? – Jot Jun 1 at 20:45

You can try this code:

int A, B, C;

void setup()

void loop()
  String readData = "";
  while (Serial.available())
    readData += Serial.read();
  int a_index = readData.indexOf("A");
  int b_index = readData.indexOf("B");
  int c_index = readData.indexOf("C");
  if (!(a_index < 0))
    String a_str = readData.substring(a_index + 2, readData.indexOf(",", a_index));
    A = a_str.toInt();
  if (!(b_index < 0))
    String b_str = readData.substring(b_index + 2, readData.indexOf(",", b_index));
    B = b_str.toInt();
  if (!(c_index < 0))
    String c_str = readData.substring(c_index + 2);
    C = c_str.toInt();
  • Unfortunately the code did not parse the serial data to any of the Variables, But thanks alot for taking the time to write the code – Thulfiqar May 31 at 21:31

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