My A4 and A5 pins are already hooked up to a LCD and I want to connect a MPU6050 as well. In a separate thread, someone told me to use SoftI2CMaster library to use other pins as SDA ans SCL. But I don't quite know how to do that. I want to use A2 and A3 for I2C, and a code snippet would be very helpful.

  • Are there no examples in the SoftI2CMaster library? – Majenko May 28 at 17:47
  • I tried following them, but got a lot of errors, a lot of them – SQLinjector May 28 at 17:55
  • 3
    in previous question it was ultrasonic sensor on A4 and A5. now it is LCD. has the LCD I2C interface? I2C is a bus. you can wire more I2C devices to the I2C pins – Juraj May 28 at 18:00
  • Yeah the LCD's got I2C. Tried wiring them like that, didn't work. – SQLinjector May 28 at 18:06
  • Oh and yeah, my bad. Wrote ultrasonic sensor by mistake : / – SQLinjector May 28 at 18:07

Use both devices on I2C, with different addresses. Hook it up like this

enter image description here

And call each transmission with a different address

void setup() {   
  Wire.begin();                           //begin the wire comunication  

Image and snippet from electronoob's very complete tutorial

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