I need to code and wire: “Button is pressed.” to an LCD screen when a button is pressed. When the button is released, the LCD should display, “Button is released.” NEED HELP!!!

  • Can you show us the code you've written so far? – VE7JRO May 23 '19 at 0:28

This question is too vague and too broad to be answerable.

YOU have some work to do. We're not going to do it for you - we can't, because we don't have enough information, and given how poor your question is and how little effort you put into it, I'm not about to do a lot more work solving your problem than you do.

What kind/brand/model of LCD display? Is it controlled via I2C or parallel interface? Have you looked into different LCD libraries for Arduino? There are several that offer different features. And what model of Arduino are you using?

You'll need to read the specs on your LCD display to figure out how to wire it, and what type of Arduino library to use to drive it. Then you'll need to tinker with it until you can get a "hello world" message to display. Once you've done that, adding a switch and writing a program that displays "button is pressed"/"button is released" messages will be pretty easy.

I bought a 20 char X 4 line I2C LCD from OddWires.com that did not come with any documentation. It had a couple of lines of sample code on the website that claimed to show how to interface it, but that code was wrong, and it took me several days to figure out that that LCD used different pin assignments between the LCD and the I2C "backpack" module than the sample code they provided. I had to search for an LCD library that allowed me to change the pin assignments, and a sample constructor for the LCD that had the correct pin assignments. It took me 3 or 4 days just to be able to display any text on my display. Hopefully yours has better documentation and uses a standard setup, but only you can determine that.

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