I'm having difficulty connecting to my new Arduino Bluno. I have connected the board using microusb to my laptop. I have also installed the relevant plugin.

When I try to use the online interface I get the error "Error uploading, check if the selected board is available" and under the Monitor tab I get the error "Serial port unavailable". If I attempt to use the desktop app I get the error "Board at null is not available". I get the same errors on both of my Windows 10 laptops.

The "ON" LED is on (red) and the "L" LED is blinking.

I can pair with my phone (it finds "Bluno" and pairs successfully using the pin 000000).

The "Bluino Loader" app can see the Bluno but whenever I try to upload a sketch I get a "Connection failed" error. The BlunoBasic-Demo app finds the bluno and can connect, but doesn't seem to be able to send data.

I have tried everything I can think of trying, could anybody help me please?

Thanks! Tom

ps - I've also tried the reset button! And powering off/on again...

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