I have seen commercial Xbee / Zigbee clones using HC-05 integrated inside. Are they any different than regular HC-05 bluetooth modules?

  • What is differences in usage between a HC-05 bluetooth module and a Zigbee HC-05 module?

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Bluetooth and Zigbee are two different communication protocols. The Xbee clones you are talking about a called BTbee.

As far as im aware the BTbee modules are the same hardware/firmware wise as the hc05/hc06 modules. The only difference being the BTbee modules are in the Xbee footprint, allowing you to plug them into Xbee/Zigbee sockets.

  • I see! That's precisely what I was wondering though, cheers! Are there any Zigbee clones that do not use Bluetooth?
    – Phil
    Dec 17, 2014 at 20:00

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