does anyone know where I could find some working code the demonstrates how to use the interrupt pin on the MPU-6050?

My goal is to be able to shake the sensor in order to trigger an interrupt which would read data from the sensor in order to calculate its rotation (specifically pitch and roll).

Thanks so much for the help!

I found this other StackExchange question which has example code: How to generate hardware interrupt in mpu6050 to wakeup arduino from SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN mode?

However, this code has not been working for me. I changed the code so it did not use the interrnal pull-up on the arduino pin 2 and instead set it to active when the pin read HIGH. While this kind of worked, the intterupt function would trigger when the arduino turned on and would be triggered twice if the MPU-6050 was shaken. Any suggestions on how I could fix this?

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