Foreword: I am doing my Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering and part of the requirements to graduate (and get a good grade) is that I must complete 3 projects of my choice, and it must be unique. So in order for one to be unique my only choice is to make a drone that does something unique and important/useful, which requires a lot of electronics & programming. So as you'd guess I have small knowledge on electronics and programming. I am also completely new to drone electronics and Arduino. Doing a project that involves aerodynamics and mechanics takes a lot of research and time (which I am short on), and I am going to reserve that for my M.Sc.

Moving on, I am using an Arduino nano and an accelerometer as my flight control board for the esc's+motors. So I want to connect my 4 esc's in which each have a power/signal/ground wire, to the nano. In total there are 12 wires. For the nano, should I only be connecting the signal wires to one i/o? If so, what happens to the power and ground wires?

Also, part of my set up requires that the Vcc on my accelerometer is connected to a 5V supply. Should I just connect it to the 5V pin on the arduino? A link of the set up of the drone is here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qcfd27buc7o9ep0/AAAjgNwChewsASVR9SUxpiUXa?dl=0&preview=Schematics.png

The motor/pdb/esc connections are easy and I don't need much help with that.

I have another project in mind, which has an Arduino Nano Vin pin connected to 7.5V. How do I achieve this?

I already got help from the link above with setting up an Arduino programme to govern the esc's. It would be easier to just get a ready made flight controller and connect the 4 esc's to their three power/signal/ground wires to each port but I wanted to challenge myself a bit more by building an Arduino based flight controller.

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  • Do you really want to use an Arduino nano for this. It is far from perfect for this. Why don't you use a real flight controller? – chrisl Apr 20 at 17:24