I've been out of touch with arduino's and i'm exploring networking a bunch of arduino nano's together using the RF24Network library. All sorts of sensors attached to different nano's. Some will have the same type of sensors or controls. I was looking to see if I could send message types for those that have the same 'sensor packages' and if this message type came it can parse the message out accordingly. For instance, if I have greenhouses and gardens that have sprinkler systems and misting (i don't know if I spelled that right) devices that are controlled by the nodes, i would like my Master controller to be able to send a message type pertained to turning certain switches and sensors on/off, or whatever...these sensor/switch schemas would be the same. I read that:

Message Types: User message types 1 through 64 will NOT be acknowledged by the network, while message types 65 through 127 will receive a network ACK.

System message types 192 through 255 will NOT be acknowledged by the network. Message types 128 through 192 will receive a network ACK.

Type of the packet. 0-127 are user-defined types, 128-255 are reserved for system

So, do I have it right, can you design your own type of message? If so, how and where would you do it?

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