For a few days I'm trying things around on my Arduino Micro. At first uploading was working just fine. Here and there you had to press the reset button. But now if I plug it in no COM-port shows up. If I press reset COM8 appears shortly, but after a few seconds it disapperas again. The lack of COM-Ports makes is very hard to upload a firmware and to interact with it, especially in platform.io within VS Code. Once I had luck flashing an example in the standard Arduino IDE with no dependencies other than Arduino.h but I just cant get my projects running again. I also should mention that I have added some peripherals lately but even if I plug it in without anything conected the green LED flashes lightly at the beginning and then it gets completly shut down. Do you have any ideas how I could solve this?

  • It is possible to write a sketch that locks up the usb serial port by flooding it. You could show us your sketch. Perhaps you sketch sends a lot of data without delay in the loop-function. Can you try to upload the blink example when you press reset? If that fails (after trying many times) you can try to burn the bootloader with a programmer or with an arduino uno. – Jot Apr 13 '19 at 21:51
  • Thank you. Flashing the printing program did the job. Somehow my other program made the entire Arduino unresponsive. – Cowboy_Patrick Apr 14 '19 at 8:23

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