I'm a software Engineer, and recently I’ve been working on a new Software Part of this Software is to be able to turn off and on multiple TV screens using timers in the software
First idea came to my mind is using relays with Arduino and connecting in to computer using Bluetooth chip but not all screens turns on once the power cable is plugged in So, I tried IR CIRCUIT using NODEMCU and IR LEDS. And it worked but not perfectly, The way I did this is by sending a combination of IR codes to screen to make a sleep timer so it will turn off the screen after some time. But there was a delay when sending IR codes, and sometimes the code won’t be sent This is the circuit I used (in addition to more IR LEDS) enter image description here I just want to know why the codes are not sent every time And if there is any better way to control the screens from computer?

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    Can you show us the code you have written? – VE7JRO Apr 4 at 20:54
  • There are ready-made items for this purpose, such as the iTach Flex with (triple) IR emitter. You may consider using something off-the-shelf to save time and to avoid messing around/frustration. – Paul Apr 5 at 19:38

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