While this was seemingly answered in another forum question, the answer given of using an alternative library of... #define HARDWARE_TYPE MD_MAX72XX::FC16_HW was tested and resulted in a worse situation of totally jumbled display with nothing meaningful displayed (no actual letters or numbers). When using MD_MAX72xx.h library the text is displayed but is mirrored e.g. letters are displayed backwards. I'm using the latest downloads of MD_Parola and MD MAX72XX downloads yesterday.

I'm at a total loss as what to do to reverse the letters. Can anyone help please in simple terms, as I'm still very much a novice and on a steep learning curve with Arduino!

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay in replying.
I'm totally unsure where to add the line suggested in the MD_MAX72xx.h file?? (Said I was a novice!!).

The library file is just the basic MD_MAX72xx.h as downloaded. The other files being used are MD_Parola.h and SPI.h

This is a video of what is happening and what needs correcting .. [1]: https://youtu.be/LVuyTmeNFQ8 It will be removed from YT in a few days

I'm unable to paste the files details here as it exceeds the 30000 character limit

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The MD_MAX72xx library has a transform function.

Depending on how you want to mirror the text (along which axis), you give that function the MD_MAX72XX::TFLR or MD_MAX72XX::TFUD argument.

Though I'm guessing that you might actually want to rotate the text 180deg. In that case use transform(MD_MAX72XX::TRC).

  • Please see my amended help text above. Thanks for the suggestion – Brian Apr 5 at 13:00
  • You don't need to change the MD_MAX72xx.h file. In you sketch in setup you put mx.transform(MD_MAX72XX::TFLR); (where mx is the name of the MD_MAX72XX object.). I won't be able to help any further without some parts of you code. – Gerben Apr 5 at 13:50
  • 1
    Solved it! Had to use #define HARDWARE_TYPE MD_MAX72XX::ICSTATION_HW and textg is all correct.. – Brian Apr 5 at 15:59

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