I have a task where I need to control the airplanes thrust and altitude direction(Up-Down). For the thrust I thought of using a DC Motor and a Servo for the other. Control of servo will be from the buttons and the thrust value will be given from the serial port. (This is not a project of a real vehicle, only thing I need to do is the code, rest is imaginary.) enter image description here

I have wrote the following code. I would like to ask is there any flaws and how can I further improve it? Thanks in advance. With my regards...

#include <Servo.h>
  Servo servo1;
  int pos = 0;
  const int buttonSUP = 2;
  const int buttonSDOWN = 3;

  int buttonStateUP = 0;
  int buttonStateDOWN = 0;

  int motorPin = 4;

  void setup() {

  pinMode( buttonSUP, INPUT); 
  pinMode( buttonSDOWN, INPUT); 

  pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT);
    while (! Serial);
    Serial.println("Speed 0 to 255");


  void loop() {
   buttonStateUP =digitalRead(buttonSUP);

    if (Serial.available())
      int speed = Serial.parseInt();
      if (speed >= 0 && speed <= 255)
        analogWrite(motorPin, speed);

  • Your formatting is off, but also, it's always either DOWN or STABLE? – Paul Apr 1 '19 at 5:39
  • I thought as the servo being 45 degrees shifted just as this "<". There fore with a 90 degree move, I can shift from up to down or vice versa . – E.Canberk Apr 1 '19 at 8:15

while (! Serial); Is not needed if you have a board with USB-> Serial bridge Chip (arduino uno for example)


In every condition you used = instead of ==. Your "condition" actually assigns HIGH to buttonStateDOWN. If you want to compare integers, use ==.

And according to the question, I think you have misunderstood the speed buttons (or maybe I have). I think, they want you to code it so while the button is pressed or every time the button is pressed, the speed changes by +1 or -1.

Assuming the rest works fine, there could be a problem with your serial output, since you just spam messages.

Read about the millis();, it can help you so you only send something every x amount of seconds, without using delay(); Here

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