I'm currently working with a Logitect G502 mouse and would like change the LED colors through Arduino USB host shield.

Mouse has 2 different interfaces. Interface-0 is a HID-mouse and Interface-1 is a general HID.

Before Arduino I was able to change the colors through a Raspberry with Python. The following code was able change the LED colors.

dev.ctrl_transfer(bmRequestType=0x21, bRequest=0x09, wValue=0x0211, wIndex=0x0001, data_or_wLength=data)

Where data has the necessary information to change the LED colors and I was sending the data to Interface-1 to Endpoint 0x82.

On Arduino with a USB Host Shield (using USB_Host_Shield_2.0) I am able to read the mouse events through Interface-0 but I couldn't figure out how to send data to Interface-1 / endpoint 0x82. How do I send data?

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