I have a SigFox 2 Click[1] and an Arduino Uno Click Shield[2] and I've been trying communicate with the SigFox 2 Click to retrieve the ID and PAC number. (MikroeE website incorrectly said the numbers can be found on the packaging, while the support said the numbers can be retrieved from the module itself). The support pointed me to their libstock[3] but the thing is they do not have the Arduino library for it. The module has an SPI interface.

I tried using the sketch from https://github.com/aureleq/InnocommSPI/blob/master/InnocommSPI.ino and changed the CS and ACK pin to 8 and 9 pin respectively and also the SPI speed to 115200. I got below debug message from the serial monitor:

12:51:18.803 -> Sending WakeUp signal
12:51:18.836 -> ----- SPI Setting CS low
----- SPI Ack pin low
12:51:18.973 -> ----- SPI TX Buffer: 02 01  done!

I roughly know MikroE has their MikroBus protocol but I have cursory experience with it at all. I am trying to communicate the module, retrieve the ID and PAC and send some data to SigFox network.

Any help or pointer would be appricated.

[1] https://www.mikroe.com/sigfox2-click [2] https://www.mikroe.com/arduino-uno-click-shield [3] https://libstock.mikroe.com/projects/view/2565/sigfox-2-click

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